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Start DateDestinationTour NameTour LeaderTour Status
July 23, 2024 Great Britain UK Quilting Tour with Birmingham Festival Kimberly Einmo & Susan Cleveland Booking closed
Aug 4, 2024 Norway Textile Traditions of Norway with Sara Bixler, Red Stone Glen Sara Bixler Booking closed
Sep 6, 2024 Sweden Nordic Threads: Exploring Sweden's Textile Heritage Suzie Liles & Sarah Rambousek Places Available
Oct 11, 2024 Japan Textiles in the Land of the Rising Sun Kris Vierra Places Available
Oct 26, 2024 Japan Japanese Textiles, Crafts & Sashiko Tour from Fukuoka to Tokyo Yves Al-Ghazi Places Available
Nov 8, 2024 Japan Japanese Textiles, Crafts & Sashiko Tour with Yokohama Quilt Festival Jane MacDonald Waiting List Only
Mar 4, 2025 Japan Japan - Land of Contrast Dr. Martha Wolfe Places Available
May 7, 2025 Japan EBHQ Quilters Textile Tour to Japan  Janet McDonald Places Available
September 10, 2025 Great Britain Heritage Textile Treasures - A Journey through Scotland Kris Vierra Places Available

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