Charlotte Angotti

While shopping with her mother in 1977, (really, that long ago!), Charlotte Angotti wandered into a quilt shop and everything changed from there. Educated in fine arts, speech and drama, she brings a variety of talents to the classroom in a most humorous way. She began to teach quilt making in 1978 when someone asked her to show them how to quilt. Her first quilt was sold right after making it. The International Quilt Festival Houston is one of her favorite places to teach and she has been filling classes there since 1991. She has taught for AQS, Road to California, Vermont Quilt Show as well as many other shows and guilds. Traveling with quilters on cruises and tours has also been a highlight of her career. Charlotte's Escapes have the magic charm of introducing quilters to each other, and over the years many friendships have been made through these adventures.


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