Julia Pfaff

Award winning studio artist Julia E. Pfaff has been quilting her entire life and has successfully turned a family tradition into a contemporary art form.  For over twenty-five years she has been an adjunct professor in Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts and maintains a vigorous studio practice. Her quilts have been exhibited at venues around the world, including the American Craft Museum in New York, the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. and Quilt National in 1987, 1995 and 2019. Her interests go beyond quilts and fine art having worked as an archaeological illustrator Egypt, Greece, and Jordan for 30 years. Popular on the lecture circuit, Julia has a wealth of experience and knowledge with both traditional and art quilts.  She is an adjunct professor who teaches quilting, textiles, and fabric dyeing and printing. An award-winning quilt artist, she has been exhibiting her quilts for over thirty years and has her work in many private and corporate collections.


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