Cyndi McChesney

Cyndi McChesney has been quilting for over 40 years and has enjoyed a wide-ranging and fulfilling career in the quilting industry including as a quilt shop owner, custom quilt maker and instructor throughout the US and Canada at national shows, guilds and quilt shops.
Cyndi achieved the distinguished title of National Quilt Association Certified Teacher of the Year, has won awards in the Hoffman Challenge, the Colorado State Fair, and most recently, Visuals #1, for Best Long-arm Workmanship.
Cyndi’s passion for quilt making is evident in comments from her students and in her never-ending quest to find new techniques and skills to share so that quilting is a fun, enjoyable life-long endeavor. Be sure to check out her new book covering the topic of creating unique quilts and projects using pre-printed panels due out in early 2022!

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