Opulent Journeys LLC is hereafter referred to as Opulent Quilt Journeys

This information is very important, please read it carefully.  It is the responsibility of the traveler to read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before signing up or making payment for any tours.


A deposit of $500 per person is required to confirm your booking on a tour. Final payment of the tour fee, insurance and any additional travel will be due 75 days before departure.


If you decide to cancel your booking the following charges apply, and notice must be given in writing:

Over 75 days                               Forfeit of deposit
75-31 days                                   50% of the tour cost
30 days or less                            100% of the tour cost

*You may also be liable to pay any cancellation charges imposed by third parties for flights and additional accommodatio9n and services.
Ⴕ $500 per person of your deposit may be credited to another Opulent Quilt Journeys tour departing within 18 months of the original tour you booked.


No refunds or credits will be provided to travelers by Opulent Quilt Journeys for any unused accommodations, flights, services, or other itinerary features unless agreed to in writing by both parties. We recommend Travel Insurance.


In the event that it becomes necessary or advisable, for any reason, to alter the itinerary or arrangements, Opulent Quilt Journeys reserves the right to make such alterations without notice, if this causes additional costs and charges, these will be the responsibility of the passenger, and must be paid at the time of the occurrence.  Opulent Quilt Journeys reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason, and without advance notice, a full refund will be made, which constitutes a full settlement. Opulent Quilt Journeys is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by tour members prepaying for a cancelled tour, such as non-refundable airline tickets or passport or visa fees.


For your protection comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended and in the best interest of each traveler, to protect you before and during the trip. Travel insurance is not included in the price of the tours. If Travel Insurance is not purchased, a waiver must be signed prior to departure.


Accommodations are in modern centrally located hotels and resort hotels. Hotels are based on availability and may vary by destination, city, and dates of travel. Opulent Quilt Journeys reserves the right to substitute hotel accommodations of similar quality at any time without notice.


Guests are responsible and must conform with all international/domestic air carrier restrictions, excess baggage fees, and are responsible for their own luggage during the tour. We recommend one bag/suitcase per person, plus a small carry-on.  We request that only one bag per person on van tours. We recommend Travel Insurance with baggage protection.


For all international travel, travelers are required to provide proper identification for customs and immigration.  US citizens must have a valid passport for travel outside of the United States. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN YOUR NAME AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR PASSPORT. Non- US citizens must consult their consulate for ID or Visa requirements.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN PROPER IDENTIFICATION, PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP, PASSPORT AND VISAS FOR ALL TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE USA. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the anticipated tour end date. Passengers who are denied boarding or entry for improper documentation will not be eligible for a refund of any amount. We recommend that you check with the appropriate Consulate regarding their visa requirements. 


Current tour prices are listed with each tour, and are subject to change with the fluctuation of currencies, supplier increases, fuel and other surcharges and other reasons beyond our control, until full payment is received, except in the case of intra-air provided. All quoted prices include the cost of tour operator planning and operation. Each tour lists the items that are included in that specific tour. Please refer to the tour itinerary you are joining for pricing and inclusions.

Travelers Comportment: Opulent Quilt Journeys reserves the right not to accept or retain as a tour participant any person whose physical/mental condition or general deportment impedes the operation of the tour or affects the rights, welfare, or enjoyment of other tour participants or for any other reason.  If a person is required to leave a tour it will be considered an unused portion and non-refundable, and they will be responsible for all their expenses to return home including any rebooking fees by airlines and/or suppliers.


Opulent Journeys LLC, hereafter indicated as Opulent Quilt Journeys acts only as an agent for all suppliers of services, or in accepting reservations for services on its tours.  The suppliers or independent contractors providing transportation, accommodations and all other services are not agents or employees of Opulent Quilt Journeys. To the extent that Opulent Quilt Journeys or its supplier is involved in sale of air/or cruise transportation to you, Opulent Quilt Journeys, acts only as an agent of the air carrier and/or cruise line. By utilizing the services of all suppliers, the passenger agrees that neither Opulent Quilt Journeys, nor any representatives shall be liable for any accident, injury, including loss of life, damage, loss, delay, irregularity or expenses arising from acts of God, strikes, war, weather, quarantines, sickness, terrorist activity, government restrictions or regulations, from any act or omission of any individual, firm, or corporation furnishing transportation, sight-seeing, accommodations, or any services in connection with such travel plans or from any other occurrences what so ever.  All such expenses or losses are the responsibility of the passenger.

By commencing travel, the passenger willingly assumes all risks and responsibilities expected or unexpected involved with such travel. We urge purchase of travel insurance to protect against such risks.

Severability: The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of this Agreement, or the invalidity of its application to a specific situation or circumstance, shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this Agreement, or its application to other situations or circumstances.  Any provision of this Agreement held invalid or unenforceable only in part or degree will remain in full force and effect to the extent not held invalid or unenforceable.

Claims or Disputes/Arbitration:  In the event of a dispute or claim made by the traveler concerning, relating or referring to this Agreement, promotion of tour, tour inclusions, performance of Opulent Quilt Journeys, or any claim made against Opulent Quilt Journeys, Opulent Quilt Journeys will make every effort to resolve said dispute or claim between the individual parties involved.  If the dispute or claim cannot be resolved between the traveler and Opulent Quilt Journeys, the traveler agrees that any dispute or claim shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration according to the then existing rules of the American Arbitration Association in an arbitration conducted in, and governed by the laws of Delaware, USA.  In connection with any action or legal proceeding arising out of this agreement, the parties hereby specifically and knowingly waive any rights that either party might have to demand a jury trial.

Upon making a deposit to Opulent Quilt Journeys, it shall constitute full knowledge, acceptance and consent by the participant to all provisions in the tour brochure; the website, General Information, Terms and Conditions; the Registration Form, and all other release forms.  All participants will be required to sign this liability release form prior to embarking on their trip.

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